A must-see exhibition

gallipoli title

08 May A must-see exhibition

I promise this will blow you away.

Weta Workshop and Te Papa have¬†done an incredible job putting together the exhibition “The Scale of Our War”.

gallipoli title

It tells the story of Gallipoli in fabulous detail, and in a way that brings to life the emotion, the drama, and the reality of what happened 100 years ago. I have been an avid student of war for many years and found the experience of this truly enlightening.

Probably the most amazing feature are the giant figures (2.5 times life size) who represent actual¬†people who participated in Gallipoli. The attention to detail is incredible and their scale makes you feel child-like in their presence. Here are two of them….



The exhibition is on for at least 3 years and it is free. It is worth the price of a trip to Wellington.



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