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21 Jul Brand Renovation

Headlight has just celebrated its fifth birthday, and to celebrate I thought I’d treat it to a makeover. My earlier DIY brand identity was looking tired and needing a lift. Besides, being in an industry of ideas, it’s important to have something new to say. As...

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08 May A must-see exhibition

I promise this will blow you away. Weta Workshop and Te Papa have done an incredible job putting together the exhibition "The Scale of Our War". It tells the story of Gallipoli in fabulous detail, and in a way that brings to life the emotion, the drama, and...

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19 Apr Onto the next thing…

I recently lost a good friend. His heart gave out. One of my old school mates who I've always kept in touch with; keeping track of our respective lives, our wins, our setbacks, our pursuits of love, folly and toil. Although I have had more than my fair...

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13 Apr The 21 best food trucks in the USA

Food trucks deliver in lots of ways. They are typically full of individual flair and personality that eludes chain stores. They have an earthy sense of realness. And sometimes they can produce outstanding specialities to blow your tastebuds away. Here are (apparently) the top 21 food trucks...

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