21 Jul Brand Renovation

Headlight has just celebrated its fifth birthday, and to celebrate I thought I’d treat it to a makeover. My earlier DIY brand identity was looking tired and needing a lift. Besides, being in an industry of ideas, it’s important to have something new to say. As...

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26 Mar Eight & Bob

Fragrances are necessarily brands of the imagination and identity. They set us in a sensory place of the mind. They transport us on evocative journeys of moods, and emotions. They give us a signature of scent that suggests who we wish to be. One of the most...

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24 Feb Gotta get me some Authenticity

Marketing is the buzzword capital of business, and one of the most prominent words du jour is "authenticity". Authenticity in business is the value of credibility beyond form & function. It's valuable because: Consumers are naturally drawn to authenticity and the qualities it can bring - truth,...

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