Grow Demand For Your Business With DemandScope

30 Jan Grow Demand For Your Business With DemandScope

DemandScope is a new 4-dimensional tool developed by Headlight to help organisations improve demand for their business, brand, services and products.

Demand is the lifeblood for any business and the key to sustainable growth.

It is the queue in your store.

The ring of your till.

The traffic on your site.

Your word of mouth.

Your committed monthly revenue…

…that says you have what people want, and that your business is desirable.

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Demand is a preoccupation in most businesses. The outcomes of demand are usually measured very closely with indicators like sales, revenue and customer numbers.

However, the drivers that create demand are often less rigorously understood or considered, let alone integrated into an appropriate programme of activity.

Some don’t seem to care why people buy, so long as they do.

Some companies are all action with no aim – busy with promotional activity but no clear strategy.

Some take broad measures of demand like awareness, preference, positioning and digital analytics as a performance scoreboard, but don’t interpret the insights and implications, or adapt them for their particular situation.

Some have a good understanding of what drives demand but struggle to translate that knowledge into the right programme of activity.

Or they are pushed into inappropriate solutions by companies with vested interests of what they want the answer to be.

Some focus on only part of the demand equation while ignoring or weakening other aspects, resulting in ineffectiveness.

Some base their demand generation activity on assumptions that have become obsolete, or are politically driven, or are misconceptions.


DemandScope helps companies measure and understand what the drivers and barriers to demand are. It then identifies ways to enhance demand with a range of interventions from simple, low cost refinements through to more radical disruptions.

The DemandScope approach is holistic, integrated, adaptable for most categories and scalable to suit different budgets. It is also an iterative learning approach designed to deliver some quick wins, but also build a pathway of steady improvements building over time.

The design of DemandScope is based on a mix of sound behavioural economics thinking, good marketing and research practice, and years of experience across many different market categories.

The 4 Dimensions of DemandScope are :

  1. Instinctive – the high level impressions that turn people on or off your brand or product.
  2. Comparative – how you stack up when compared to your competition.
  3. Behavioural – how you perform in relation to behavioural drivers, conversion and satisfaction.
  4. Contextual – your internal and external operating environment.

DemandScope can help companies that:

  • Are struggling to grow.
  • Have aggressive growth ambitions.
  • Have determined competitors.
  • Need to reconsider what they are doing to drive demand.
  • Are frustrated with weak return on demand generation investment.

If you would like to know more about how DemandScope can help you, we would be happy to arrange a personal presentation.

Email me here.

Or call me on +64 21 662 009.

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