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Advertising Campaign Best Practice

This article provides a guide for how to produce best practice advertising campaigns. It draws on insights from leading practitioners who have produced some of New Zealand’s most successful campaigns of the past few years.


Advertising Industry Health Check

In 2014 Headlight and the Communication Agency Association of New Zealand (CAANZ) carried out this research project into the health and key trends within the advertising industry.


Connecting With Hard To Reach Audiences

Maori and Pacific Peoples are often described in public sector environments as ‘hard to reach’ audiences. However, the truth is that these communities tend to be very well connected, and that for public sector marketing they are more a case of ‘easy to miss’. This paper provides insight into how to connect with them.


Plutchick Emotion Wheel

This is a simple tool that shows the relationship between our fundamental emotions.


Seven Fundamental Human Drivers

According to eminent zoologist Dr Desmond Morris, humans are driven by seven fundamental drivers that shape our behaviour and our view of the world. Here they are.