Onto the next thing…


19 Apr Onto the next thing…

I recently lost a good friend.

His heart gave out.

One of my old school mates who I’ve always kept in touch with; keeping track of our respective lives, our wins, our setbacks, our pursuits of love, folly and toil.

Although I have had more than my fair share of family deaths, he was the first of my contemporaries to depart this mortal coil.

It can’t help but make you think. What’s next?

Some say the light just turns off and we enter the void. Some say we go to heaven or maybe hell.

These options all feel a little bland to me.

I prefer the menu of 40 different views of the afterlife outlined by neuroscientist and ‘possibilian’ David Eagleman in his beautiful little book call Sum.

It is full of imagination and inspiring views of where death might lead us.

For example…

In the afterlife you will live again but only be exposed to the people and things that you knew when alive – therefore the afterlife is only as rich as you make your life.

Or, that you find that God is actually a married couple who gave birth to all people. However like many families it is somewhat dysfunctional.

Or, you can be whatever you wish to be, but as punishment you forget why you want to be that thing, thereby taking away the curiosity that made you choose it in the first place.

Or, the afterlife is made up of many different Gods each with control over a very specific and limited aspect of the universe. They are constantly in conflict with one another and they exist in a constant state of frustration. The Gods are kind to people because we are the only species that understand what they have to deal with.

Or, our entire lives are relived but in a different order. Each thing we have ever done is grouped together so we spend six days clipping our fingernails, fifteen months looking for lost items, two years of boredom looking out of bus windows…

Sheesh, good luck Matt!

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