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Anyone else worked at a Kakistocracy? They’re not very pleasant.

Donald Trump’s ‘kakistocracy’ is not the first, but it’s revived an old word

Rarely does an ancient Greek portmanteau word spark a Twitterstorm. But that’s what happened when the former director of the CIA John Brennan took to Twitter and accused Donald Trump of running a “kakistocracy”. This tweet sparked a 13,700% increase in people looking up the word using the online version of the Merriam Webster dictionary. These curious souls would have found a terse definition: “Government by the worst people.”

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Shopper marketing shifts to people-centric programs

Composite image of food price tag

Influencing consumer purchasing behavior is becoming more personal, said Andrew Appel, CEO of Information Resources Inc. (IRI), the Chicago-based market research company. The shift in marketplace from store-centric programs to people-centric programs is underway, and successful future shopper marketing efforts may soon be defined by the speed with which marketers reach and influence individual consumers. Read more…