The 3 things that usually get stuffed up when it comes to communicating change

These days most organizations seem to be locked into a never-ending spiral of change management.
By definition, change can be very disruptive to a team culture and how well it performs. It is almost always a nightmare for management.
Change can cure or kill.
If your goal is to introduce change and get employees adapt to it, there are three things that go wrong most often.
  1. Not targeting the most influential people.
  2. Using communication channels that are convenient rather than effective.
  3. Focusing on the wrong content.
Here is a brief summary of a great book on successfully communicating organizational change.
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Are you busy?


Not long ago being busy was a problem. But now the absence of busy is a bigger problem.

“Busy?” has become a greeting and a way of checking that someone is ok. That they are productive and their efforts are in demand.
However, with the dawn of AI upon us, and the prospect of being replaced by algorithms, we’d better get used to mastering the art of leisure (so long as we can afford to).

here is something to think about…