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The 4D Audit is designed to help Leadership and Risk Management Teams improve the corporate governance of Marketing and Sales. It helps support the sustainability of your demand generation.

It’s Marketing and Sales’ job to attract customers and convert demand for your products and services into revenue.

In these highly disruptive times, with many different and innovative options available for Marketing and Sales, you need to be confident that you are doing the right job in the right way.

Consequently, it is more important than ever to regularly audit the processes, risks, and performance of your Marketing and Sales operation.

Marketing and Sales can be hard to audit. The irrational human factor, the rapid changes in technology, and the pursuit of sustainable differentiation all make it challenging to assess.

Therefore, it is best to use experts to carry out your audit. Headlight is very well qualified in this respect, with a depth of experience across many categories in designing and evaluating the performance of Marketing and Sales programmes:

  • Experience auditing Marketing and Sales in several large scale organisations (e.g. Summerset Retirement Villages, VTNZ).

  • Expert consultation for the procurement of Marketing services for large organisations (e.g. Vodafone, Westpac, the University of Auckland).

  • Strategic consultancy and research for Marketing and Sales for many different organisations and industries (different sizes, industries, private and public sector).

  • This includes the evaluation of existing Marketing and Sales programmes as well as the design of new plans and strategies.

  • Convener of Judges for the Advertising Effectiveness Awards for 5 years, and the Media awards for 3 years.

The 4D Audit is a methodology designed to highlight your Marketing and Sales strengths to build on, identify where you have weaknesses, and show how you can improve your ability to create demand.

Four Dimensions RevisedThe 4D Audit is:

✓ Holistic

✓ Integrated

✓ Scalable

✓ A collaborative process tailored to your organisation

✓ Referenced to best practice

✓ Focused on performance improvement

✓ It tracks progress over time

✓ A mix of qualitative and quantitative scoring

✓ Performance dashboards

✓ Actionable reporting

For more information about how the 4D Audit can help your organisation contact Lew Bentley on +64 21 662 009 or