Headlight shows clients the way forward in several different ways:

Behavioural Marketing

Headlight has a significant amount of experience in helping clients influence the behaviour of customers and internal staff using a mix of behavioural economics and behaviour change models. This includes large-scale public behaviour change programmes as well as smaller, tactical ‘nudges’.

Brand Strategy

Headlight has worked on brand strategy for many different clients, including start-ups, evolutionary brand refreshes and more significant brand turnarounds. Headlight is very experienced in all aspects of:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand portfolio management
  • Brand positioning and definition
  • Consumer value propositions
  • Employee value propositions
  • Brand story writing
  • Developing brand tactics

Market Research

Headlight offers a full range of research services:

  • Qualitative in-depth interviews and focus groups.
  • Quantitative surveys (online, telephone/CATI and face-to-face).
  • Desk research.
  • Marketplace reviews.
  • Business-to-business.
  • Social research.

This includes:

Behavioural economics analysis: To understand why people behave the way they do, and how their behaviour can be influenced.

User experience analysis: Analysis of customer experience for each service touchpoint – websites, mobile, in-store service, personal service etc.

Semiotics analysis: How people interpret the symbolism of brands and communication and how this can be used to help strengthen brand positioning and identify opportunities.

Transactional analysis: To diagnose the inter-relationships between consumers, companies, employees and business partners.

Data analytics: Using statistical analysis to turn hard data into insightful information that can guide decision-making more accurately.


Recent research work by Headlight includes:

  • Customer & prospect profiling and product development work for The Co-operative Bank
  • Reputation assessment for Viaduct Harbour
  • Customer behaviour and market perception assessment for hosting company Digiweb
  • A trend review of the advertising industry for the Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • A review of the decision-making behaviour of media planners and buyers for NewsWorks

Communication Effectiveness

Headlight brings a significant amount of experience to the realm of communication effectiveness. This area of expertise is of particular importance in today’s rapidly evolving communication landscape.

Headlight provides independent expertise to design communication programmes, evaluating their performance or to work as a pitch consultant, bringing expertise to the agency procurement process.

Destination Marketing

Headlight offers powerful expertise in the area of destination marketing. This covers larger scale destination programmes for countries (e.g.Tourism New Zealand and Tourism Australia), regional offerings (e.g. Positively Wellington Tourism) and more local precinct, property marketing and placemaking initiatives (e.g. Waterfront Auckland, Viaduct Harbour, Precinct Properties).

Business Development Planning

Headlight works with clients to help map out their future business pathway. This can take several forms, such as business plans, marketing plans or communication plans. Or it can involve business growth plans and business development appraisals.

Road Safety Communication

An area of specialty for Headlight is road safety communication and public engagement.

We can help with building the campaign framework, including the communication strategy, creative development, media strategy and campaign measurement.

These are campaigns designed to create positive behaviour change on a mass community scale in order to reduce public cost and harm, and to save lives.

Lew Bentley has worked with New Zealand Transport Agency and ACC on road safety work for speeding, drink driving, young males, motorcycles and a marketing plan for the national road safety strategy Safer Journeys.

Working with Nigel Keats, Headlight International has carried out road safety programme training for The World Bank in Tunisia, as well as road safety communication projects in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Australia, Ireland, Vietnam, India and Argentina.

Group Facilitation

As a professional qualitative researcher and business development consultant Lew Bentley is a very capable group facilitator.
  • Team workshops
  • Day sessions
  • Longer conferences


Lew is trained on how to focus teams on shared problem solving and how to stimulate creative thinking.
The format of each session is designed to suit the situation, but can involve relatively straightforward moderation of a discussion, or more active and dynamic sessions involving role playing and projective techniques.


This includes a diverse range of projects for clients, including:
Good Group – food concept and brand design
Department of Conservation – stakeholder engagement planning
Accident Compensation Corporation – service design planning
Royal New Zealand College of GPs – stakeholder feedback for service qualitaty standards
Ministry of Science & Innovation – team culture sessions for the merger betwen MoRST and FoRST
Grow Wellington – ICT workforce development planning
New Zealand Post – brand portfolio planning

Marketing Support

Headlight can provide marketing support to deliver programmes of activity.

For example: Campaign project management, business analysis, product development, channel planning, stakeholder initiatives…


Drawing on a network of senior, intermediate and junior marketers, Headlight can provide practical help to get the job done.

This can either supplement your marketing team or provide an outsource option.

Headlight can take on short term emergencies and specific tasks, or longer term support and maternity leave cover.